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Concrete Wall

Born from our own  frustration of buying a set of pantry labels and finding we were storing a pile of labels that weren't used, and missing ones we did need!


Our bespoke pantry labels allow you to create the look you want, with the names you will use in the colour you want.


Our 23mm Oh So Pretty font is larger for easy reading.


Builidng a collection of labels that suit your pantry is as easy as 1,2,3. 


1) Select your color

2) Enter the details What you would like on your label

2) Click add to cart


 Repeat steps one, two, three to create the pantry labels of your dreams.


NB - longer words may require to be split, however generally if you have three words on a label they will be spaced and cut on seperate lines (this also means you could have multiple words on your one label that you cut up at your discretion ie flour, sugar and tea will fit on one label and could cut this up)







Oh So Pretty Pantry Label 23mm - individuals

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